International Cheese Curling Championships

Cheese Curling???   Just what is that?

It is one of the most fun family games at the Cheese Festival. Family groups including the young of heart of all ages, foursomes of friends and complete strangers join up to try this game of Cheesey Skill hopefully soon to be adopted as a recognized world sport.

Based roughly on the real sport of ice curling as practiced up north and a real Olympic sport,  a four pound cheese "stone" is directed down the official rink towards the regulation target. With some help ( or hindrance at times, ) from the team's sweeper, points are scored on the final resting location of the "stone."

Bring your trained curlers, your family, or just team up with somebody standing nearby. Take home your  cheese "stone" for your efforts and maybe an international title.  No age limit, no entry fee, and a lot of fun for all. Win a World title in our International Cheese Curling Championships.

Sanctioned by the International Cheese Curling Assoc.
Saturday Afternoon. Come join us and have fun!