Cheese Festival Cash Raffle

2017 Winner Ticket 5121 for $2500 take home HAS BEEN REDEEMED

Thank you all who participated!

2017 Current Ticket Sales 9/2/17
more than $4500.00 and growing!

  A total of $2,500 tickets were sold in 2015 and 2016.

Bigger and Better this year!

Contact the Arthur Assoc of Commerce and we can send you some tickets!
217-543-2151 (Ask for Stephanie Wierman)
Arthur Graphic-Clarion,  P.O. Box 19, Arthur, IL 61911

Every year we offer a 50/50 cash raffle leading up to the Festival and have the drawing on Monday at 5pm Monday, Labor Day at the close of the Cheese Festival. The winning number will be posted shortly thereafter here on this page.

Tickets are available in shops downtown and around Arthur, at the Arthur IGA downtown and at the Visitors Center and the Main Cheese Tent during the festival.

Winner does not need to be present to win and must claim the  prize by presenting the winning ticket stub within 30 days.

The lucky winner will split the Jackpot 50/50 with the  Association of Commerce. The AofC will use its share of the Jackpot towards  the 2018 Cheese Festival and other Association projects that benefit the Arthur area.